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Monday, March 28, 2016

An Easy One - Getting the Photos off my Phone

I've gotten this far several times and quit in despair.

So I go into Settings -> iCloud and see I have something called "photo sharing" on which nobody ever asked me about. Turn it off. But how do I actually delete stuff?

I seem to have 1.5 G available on iCloud. Is my phone really more full than that? And what is that 3.5 G on iCloud. I never asked for anything to be there. Fortunately I press the Storage widget under iCloud and come across Manage Storage. (IOS: Settings -> iCloud -> Storage - Manage Storage)

 Appears most of what is in use is the previous backup. Which indeed is 3.4 G. So I can erase that.

But when I pick "Delete Backup" it says "turn off backups" implicitly forever? Some confusion because this replacement phone has THE SAME NAME as the busted phone it replaced. So I have "m's stuff" and "m's stuff" in the backup list. It turns out it is OK to delete "m's stuff" from being backed up because "m's stuff" will still be backed up.

Despite the fact that I have Google Fiber, it now estimates 20 minutes to do the initial backup. I hope later ones will be faster.

(Using my quarter hour to read up on Time Machine. Wikipedia is pretty opaque. I think I DO want to be able to support networked machines. This is more clear.)

OK, backup done. Did that really get my apps saved somewhere?

So try again to update... 

GO into iTunes. ask for Sync. Proceeds quickly. No apps showing!

Apparently this mess. So still haven;t moved apps into iTunes. 

This is really conflicting messages. My update message implies that moving my apps into iTunes is normal. But the linked page seems to think it is rare. "The easiest way to add past iTunes Store purchases to your iOS device is to redownload them from iTunes in the Cloud." wtf?

Anyway, iTunes: File > Devices > Transfer Purchases from "[device name]" isn't really all that difficult, but it sure is opaque! Now I have to find the software update thingy again.

Apparently ejecting and reconnecting the iPhone is the right way to do this. (eyeroll)

Process seems weird at several points. At one instant I see an icon on the phone showing a USB cable pointing at an iTunes icon. Was that supposed to be an instruction of some kind?

OK, 45 minutes into this, I now see 

Of course I want to "learn more", and in a Chrome window appears this
which of course contains little in the way of actual information. So I comply. I am a good boy. That only took a few seconds. OK, great! Now can I synch my photos?

Yes. OK, some fumbling around in Photos, and now over 1000 images are being imported to the Mac. I suppose that counts as success. Were these all lurking on my old iPhone?

Anyway, Photos turns out to be a woefully crippled version of iPhoto, which wasn't anything great either, though I really liked the effects in one old version as I said. But whatever. Here's a pretty picture from my camera and a recent morning walk. Austin is great, even if Apple isn't anymore.

Elapsed time: 1 hr 5 minutes.


Noted in this process: When I mail myself, my nickname shows up as "Holidays in the United States" for no reason I can imagine. Maybe I need to fix that too.

This also seems germane: moving music. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204318

Tried to modify or delete Holidays in the United States, somehow ended up placing a FaceTime call to it. Does anybody ever use FaceTime? Anyway, so now my computer starts beeping at me. 

Reminds me of another irritant. Somehow, when my phone rings my computer starts ringing too. But when I pick up my phone, the computer does not stop ringing! I never asked for this "feature"!


Also, Blogger offers me uploads "from my phone" but it's current only as of a year ago. No idea how it's supposed to see any of that anyway.

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