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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Apple TV

It uses my wireless sporadically.

Not sure if the fault is Apple's or the Google Fiber modem/wireless hub's.

Definitely the latter acted strange yesterday. Had wired internet but not wireless.

Rebooting the Apple TV in hopes of a new DHCP lease.

Not finding the 21st century seamless, though.

UPDATE: I basically have to unplug and replug my Apple TV every time I use it.

UPDATE: Support chat was good, but Google deleted the transcript immediately on termination and disabled cut-and-paste. That's obnoxious.

Complaint was:

Advice was:

He also provided and explanation that I was trying to capture when he terminated the conversation. Apparently the Google wireless provides two networks with the same name, and devices get confused. What a stupid default. Anyway, changing the name makes two separate networks appear.

One should prefer the 5 MHz but it seems to me that the 2.4 GHz is blazing fast and the factor of two is pretty much icing on the cake.

It's the height of corporate arrogance to deliberately try to prevent me from having a transcript of the conversation, especially since Google says "we're keeping a record of this conversation" to start with, as if that were a surprise.

I also didn't like that the first five things Jacob said were terminated by an exclamation point! Minor grumble there... I read DC comics back in the day and they had a policy not to use periods at the end of sentences! Exclamation marks or ellipses....

But the wireless is working way better now.

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