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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Google Maps on iPhone

When the phone got replaced due to smashed screen, I had two Google Maps apps with very similar icons. I noticed one of them had a slightly changed interface so I deleted the older one, but found to my confusion and alarm that voice directions had gone away.

To fix this, I deleted again and went to iTunes and reloaded Maps. This time it's yet a third version, again very similar logo.

At first it didn't work at all. Aargh.

So I rebooted the phone, and now it works. However, it asked me to sign in to my gmail.

No big deal but...

That added yet another confusion in that Google sent me a warning that there was a device newly enabled to use their services, though I have been using their services from that device for a couple of weeks via the mail app.

The Google Maps voice robot works, though with a slightly different voice.

Nothing major, but really, it seems that UX people don't give a damn about installation. I wonder how many people are walking around with a crippled Google Maps or two different Google Mapses because they had their phone replaced. Or maybe Apple and Google hate each other so much that they just refuse to solve this, preferring to resort to fingerpointing? Or maybe I'm just lucky and this is a rare bug? I wonder how I'd report it.

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